New Study Says Your Artificial Sweetener Could Be Making You Fat

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Many progressive doctors I know  have been writing about this for years!  Finally studies are being published (and mainstream media is sharing the news!)

Artificial Sweetener Could Be Making You Fat

A shame our modern day culture must experiment on animals with the man made toxins to show what we knew all along- they’re making our society fat and should have never been approved in the first place  (Just look up Donald Rumsfeld sweetener scandal and you’ll get an eyeful of dirty politicians at their best) Whether left or right there is pure proof  this isn’t healthy and I’d rather have my child eat actual sugar than the artificial stuff.  It’s also amazing to me that my friends who drink it regularly are overweight. Coincidence? Read about the study and decide for yourself

From the article about the study that shows artificial sweeteners can make you gain weight

Scientists found that giving mice water laced with three commonly used artificial sweeteners in doses equivalent to those recommended for humans caused them to develop glucose intolerance.

The condition occurs when sugar levels in the blood rise and can lead to Type-2 diabetes, which affects around 2.7 million people in the UK.

Tests showed that in mice, sweeteners altered the balance of gut microbes that have been linked to susceptibility to metabolic diseases.

They also affected the composition and function of gut bacteria in a small number of human volunteers, resulting in glucose intolerance after one week.

Artificial Sweetener threaten the U.S.

Artificial sweetener affect many more millions in the US (diabetes) and many of these patients are told to use artificial sweeteners by the very doctors they trust. Ah the irony.

So the next time you head for a diet Soda think twice.  I only drank the stuff a short time in my life and I gained 20 pounds (actually I was in my 20’s at the time) I also couldn’t stand the taste of it so that fad was short lived.

I prefer Stevia which my Lyme doctor recommends to me or heck, what about something outrageous like a natural fruit sweetened beverage. I’d rather have some purified water with a little fresh squeezed orange in it than the killer artificial stuff any day. Oh, not to mention the countless articles on the internet about aspartame (one of the biggest culprits) being used by thousands of people a day to kill ants.  The last time I checked they call that a clue. Oh and Snopes is quick to mention aspartame wasn’t invented as an ant killer (hey we never said that!) but they defend the sweetener. Ha, my friend just said by the look of those 2 it looks like they might be big fans of the stuff…. The two couch potatoes who run Snopes aren’t experts or doctors.  I’ll stick with the natural stuff and skip the artificial stuff that makes you fat (and the people who suggest it’s safe to ingest!)

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